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This is the more “affordable” 2250 amp when you compare this with the Evolution 2250e. The Evolution 2250e is a similar 250W per channel amp but at $8,000 MSRP, its almost twice the price of the KAV-2250. Yes, the Evolution 2250e is newer and improved upon over the KAV-2250 but we don’t think it sounds twice as good as the KAV-2250. If you have a budget of $2,500 or less, the KAV-2250 will deliver the same Krell signature sound of speed, transparency, neutrality, precision and accuracy. Because the amp is so totally dial in to all these attributes, a top notch preamp, source unit and speakers are almost mandatory to fully exploit the amps ability. Even how the AC cord should be laid out plays a critical role in how it sounds (google for its many reviews and “advice” on how different users use the amp to its full potential). The amp accepts RCA and XLR but we prefer the XLR much more over the RCAs. So if your preamp has XLR out, we would recommend using that.

The amp is in very good shape. Just minor scuff marks and a few tiny nicks here and there common with use. Local pickup preferred but will ship if need to. We have the original box and will double box it for safe shipping.