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If this preamp were to be sold now, it would have been priced at $10,000 MSRP (based on its 1980 $3,000 MSRP). So from a price point perspective, this is no “cheap” preamp. In fact, when this was launched in the early 80’s it was pitched as a top end preamp with the engineering chops to go with it. Signal path was kept to as short as possible with high quality caps and resistors used throughout to minimize distortion and interference. It currently has a MM phono input (MC was an option) with an input resistance of 50K ohms and an input capacitance of 47pF and a gain of 32dB. Soundwise, at under $800 now and in the face of current preamp offerings at under $1,000 this is a pretty decent sounding preamp. It is quiet, neutral, transparent and almost Krell like sounding to a certain degree. If the lack of remote control function is no big deal, the SP100 is a worthy preamp for any sub-$5,000 audiophile system.

The preamp is in pretty nice shape for its vintage. Just minor scuff marks and a few light scratches/nicks here and there common with use but nothing major. Unit will be securely packed for safe shipping.