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These are one of the greatest speakers to ever emerge from the Eighties. Designed with a single focus on music, the Forte has a dynamic presence that makes many more expensive speakers and even bigger speakers pale in comparison. With a frequency response of 38Hz to 20KHz and an outstanding sensitivity of 98dB and 8 ohm impedance, the speakers can go loud and large scale with minimal power. What makes them different from other sub-$1,000 speakers from the Eighties was Klipsch’s use of horn loaded high and midrange drivers and two 12″ woofers (the rear is a passive radiating unit). The mids and highs are detailed and clear with an airiness that seems to lift the soundstage right in front of the speakers. The bass was thunderous and was a blast when listening to rock music through them. Which probably explains why the Forte range was continued to be in production right up to now in its MKIII version. The big difference – price. The MKIII can cost as much as $4,700 per pair now!

Each speaker is 35.5″ tall, 16.5″ wide and 12″ deep and weighs a solid 56lbs each.¬†Cosmetically, it is in pretty nice shape for its age. Some scuff marks here and there and a few “splinter” on the veneer that are typical with speakers of this vintage.¬†We don’t have the original box but will securely pack it for safe shipping. Freight shipping is recommended or local pickup from our store.