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This is the most exciting digital cable for under $2,000. Currently in use by several hifi reviewers in their own personal systems, it is by far the finest sounding digital cable for under $2,000. Unlike most other digital cables, the Digital Waveguide is a “substantial” digital cable. There is no masking what goes under the cable sleeve so one feel on the cable and you would come to the realization that this a fairly “chunky” digital cable. Uninhibited signal transfer is its top priority. The difference between this digital cable and the others is like drinking water from a larger diameter straw versus a thin one. As a result, finer details that were missed by other digital cables were conveyed across by the Digital Waveguide. Music was smoother and more balanced. A result of years of research that ended with a patent. Proudly Made in the USA!

We are an authorized dealer for KLEE Acoustics and you are purchasing a lightly used demo cable with full lifetime factory warranty (transferable). Google for an excellent review on their cables!