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If you have a large listening room and want a pair of ESL speakers that will fill the room with music, the Prince III you see here will easily fulfill that requirement. KingSound is not a brand that will first roll off your tongue like Sound Lab or Martin Logan but if you had to choose based on sound quality and value, then you should make it a point to remember this brand. Compared to Sound Lab and Martin Logan’s fully electrostatic speakers (not the hybrid models that have a powered cone woofer), the KingSound is a considerably “cheaper” alternative. Built standards are high and is almost on par with the best from Sound Lab. Each speaker stands 5′ 11″ tall, 20″ wide and 15″ deep (depth of the base footers). They are very power hungry at 6 ohm nominal impedance and 83 dB sensitivity so the manufacturer recommends an amplifier with 150W or 100W minimum. Frequency response is 48Hz – 26 KHz. The Prince III does require some time to sort out its optimum placement in the room but once that is sorted out, you will be treated to an expansive soundstage with incredible transparency. Although rated to go down to 48Hz, the bass slam sounded deeper and punchier than the ratings suggest. We drove them with 250W and it sounded glorious. Each speaker has its own transformer/crossover boxes that your speaker cables will go into. The speaker is then plugged into that crossover/transformer box via a heavy gauge cable with a multi-pin connector that you typically see on high voltage devices. The crossover/transformer box is powered by a AC/DC adapter that is housed inside a bamboo like casing. Input voltage is 100-240V so the speakers can be used anywhere in the World. The whole setup are shipped in two crates. One big crate for the speakers and another crate for the footers, transformer/crossover boxes and AC/DC adapters. Cosmetically, the speakers look really good. Minor scuff marks and knicks here and there on the wood side panels and footers but nothing major. Grille cloth is fully intact with no tears or any issues. Local pickup from our store welcomed but if shipping is required, they will ship freight.