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Here is a package deal not to be missed. For $550, you will be getting the KS-H03¬†electrostatic headphones and the M-10 headphone amp. They use to retail for $875 and $625 respectively if you bought them separately (or $1,250 as a combo deal). Like all electrostatic headphones, the spatial sound is just incredible. If you have the headphones over your ears and your eyes close, its like having the whole orchestra in your room. The M10 headphone accepts a pair of RCA in and a 3.5mm jack with a pair of preout if you want to connect it to a power amp for regular listening with a pair of speakers. A toggle switch on the front will allow you to “boost” the bass levels a little.

You can have the M10 lie horizontal or standing when you turn the balancing “claw” under the unit sideways. The H-03 is a very comfortable pair of headphones and will provide hours of listening pleasure with little discomfort. Some of the reviews on this combo have thrown heaps of praise over the H-03 headphones where it will rival anything out there costing up to $1,500. 110V/220V voltage selection switch on the back will allow this combo be used anywhere in the World.

Cosmetically, they look really good. A small knick on the front edge of the amp but otherwise, nothing major. We don’t have the original box but will securely pack them for safe shipping.