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Here is a package deal not to be missed. For $595, you will be getting the KS-H03 electrostatic headphones and the M-03 headphone amp. They retail for $650 each if bought separately but here, you can get them together for under $600. Like all electrostatic headphones, the spatial sound is just incredible. If you have the headphones over your ears and your eyes close, its like having the whole orchestra in your room. The H-03 is a very comfortable pair of headphones and will provide hours of listening pleasure with little discomfort. Some of the reviews on this combo have thrown heaps of praise over the H-03 headphones where it will rival anything out there costing up to $1,500. M-03 amp is USB powered and with a rechargeable battery inside, you can have it charged up and carry with it with you to anywhere.

Cosmetically, they look very good. They were barely used and previous owner bought it on impulse to try it out. Carrying folder is included and will be re-boxed for safe shipping.