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The LCDi4 is a much better sounding pair of headphones when compared to the iSINE20 we sold previously. The realism, transparency and soundstage is incredible for an in-ear open back headphones. Bass was thunderous where it is rated to go down to 10 Hz. But that is not what this headphone is all about. It is its ability to produce that wide and big soundstage that impresses the most when the driver is only 30mm. The clarity you hear can embarrass some larger over the ear headphones where the size of their drivers is almost three times bigger than the one employed in the LCDi4.

This pair you see here was a birthday gift one of our customer received from his wife (without realizing he already bought a pair previously) so it is literally brand new and only taken out of the box for pics you see here. It will be securely packed for safe shipping.