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Kimber’s KS-3033 speaker cable is the most affordable model in a three model lineup. They are all award winners but if you want to keep to a budget, the KS-3033 is a great starting point. The pair you see here is a “generously” cut (approx 40″ long) 3ft pair that was previously used on a pair of Krell monoblocks driving a pair of Wilson Audio MAXX 3’s. If you have a similar setting (where the amps are located right next to the speakers), the KS-3033 will simply “wow” you with its rich, warm and full bodied sound. We have sold the more expensive KS-3038 speaker cables before and although is a better sounding cable, it is not three times better since a similar length of KS-3038 will set you back almost $6,700. So if you have a budget of $7,000 and absolutely must buy the top of the range, go for the KS-3038. But if you are hunting for the best deal in the KS Select series, the KS-3033 is your best bet.

Cosmetically, the cables look good. Some scuff marks on the aluminum block on each end of the cable (very common) and spades but nothing major. We don’t have the original packaging but will securely pack them for safe shipping.