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Under the KS-6000 series, the KS-6063 (the pair you see here) is the most affordable model. Its less than double that of the KS-6065 and almost five times cheaper than the KS-6068. So in terms of value for money, this is the best buy amongst the three if cost is the main factor. Of course, if you have the funds to splurge, go for the seniors. They are better sounding but not in the same multiplying factor as the MSRPs. The KS-6000 series have a very natural balanced sound to it. It grabs lots of details and project it out through the speakers. The difference that we could hear between the three models were merely the amount/level of details. You get a little bit more with each model level up but if you have a “budget” reference system (a system costing around $15 – $25,000) or a top end mid-range system, the KS-6063 will be an excellent option. The cables were ordered with spades on the amp side and bananas on the speaker side.

Cable is in pretty nice condition with just a minor corner scuff marks from use. Previous owner forgot where he kept the flight case but we can securely pack it for safe shipping.