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In the mid-fi category, the Kimber Kable 4TC/8TC is a front runner for the best bang for the buck speaker cables. The pair you see here is the bi-wired option where the end that goes into the speakers have four WBT banana plugs while the end that is connected to the amp has WBT spades. These may not be at the level of five figure price tag cables like Hemingway, Schnerzinger etc but if you have a system that costs under $5,000, the 4TC/8TC is more at home here than those five figure speaker cables. Nicely detailed in its presentation with a smooth, slightly warm sound all but makes this cable the perfect companion to the mid-fi setup.

Cosmetically, the cables look okay. Some wear on the heat shrink on the ends of the cables and the typical scuff marks from use but nothing major. Two of the WBT banana plugs are missing the expansion pin screw but it does not affect the functionality of the plug. Cables will be securely packed for safe shipping.