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The KD-500 is the legendary turntable that came from an era where Kenwood had one (if not more) champion product in almost every hifi category. The KD-500 was one of a few turntables from Kenwood that offered a high level of analog audio playback where you didn’t have to mortgage your house to own one. They were originally sold without an arm because they (Kenwood designers) realized that many audiophiles wanted to use their selection of arms so they paid more focus on the engineering and built of the table instead. So for under $300 MSRP back then, you had a table that had a superbly engineered motor, a synthetic marble composite plinth (which had a more sturdier and damping properties than the usual wooden plinth that was widely use in that era) and a built quality that almost ensured the table would last forever. If such a machine were to be built now, it would cost thousands of dollars more than the measly $300 back then. Kenwood did subsequently offered a variation called the KD-550 which was sold with an arm. But this KD-500 that we have here has a Grace G704 arm which complemented the KD-500 perfectly. If this pairing were offered now, their combined $600 MSRP back then would have been almost $4,000 now. The Grace G704 arm was a notable arm and is much much better than the stock arm that was offered on the KD-550. Just one look at the arm and you can easily tell this is not your usual “budget” arm. It was over engineered and like the KD-500, was amazingly affordable. These days, the Grace G704 arm have been selling anywhere between $450 to $800! The Grado Prestige MM cartridge installed on it is a good cartridge that you can just use to start listening to your vinyl collection when you purchase this turntable. Our recommendation is to go for a more “higher end” cartridge like the Denon DL-103 MC cartridge (which retails for less than $400 brand new) that will bring this KD-500 up a level or two in performance.

Cosmetically, the turntable looks really good. Some scuff marks/light scratches here and there but nothing major. For its vintage, it has been very well kept and will do proud in its next new home. Record you see in the pic is not included. Local pickup from our store preferred but if shipping is required, we will have the unit securely packed for safe shipping.