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The L-01T FM tuner is one of the rarest of rare tuners to be found in the used market. They occasionally pop up in the European market and sell on average $1800-$2200. If you find one for sale in the US, its like finding gold. And you have if you are reading this listing.

This tuner came from an audiophile collector (one and only owner since new) who wants us to find a new and loving home for his precious L-01T. Except for a few scuff marks here and there, the unit looks really good for its age. FM reception was superbly clean and clear when we had it hooked up to our TERK antenna. It almost makes you feel you were listening to a radio station right in the studio itself. That was how remarkable it was. Which is also the reason why many owners never parts with it. This is a great collector piece and may very well be the only one we will ever sell.

Unit will be securely pack for safe shipping to the next new owner. Selectable 120V/240V switch on the rear means it can be used anywhere in the World!