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Another great center channel speaker from KEF that reproduces music or movie soundtracks way more than its price tag. This is a fairly large center channel speaker in a 4-way design that packs the drivers inside a beautifully curved cabinet. Using two 6.25″ bass drivers, one 6.25″ UNI-Q driver and an additional tweeter mounted on the top of the cabinet, the center channel speaker just rocks with any kind of signal it is being fed with. Dialogue was especially clear with a good amount of bass on the tracks where there are lots of “action” On more challenging soundtracks, it never fails to impress and can sometimes overshadow your L and R speakers if they do not share the same quality. Frequency response is 60 Hz to 55 KHz with a nominal impedance of 8 ohm and a sensitivity of 89 dB. Speaker measures approx 25″ across, 12″ deep and 11″ tall.

The speaker is in pretty nice condition. Minor scuff marks and a few tiny nicks but looks good overall. Stand, manual and original box are included.