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Here is a pair of of ultra thin speakers that can be wall mounted or used with the stands you see here. They are still a current lineup and have earned quite nice reviews for the sound quality and musical scale for something that only measures 13″ tall, 5.5″ wide and about half an inch deep. $550 MSRP is quite a tidy sum of money for a pair of monitor speakers but for $150 now, this is a bargain. Especially when you not only have quality sound with it, but also a snazzy looking pair of speakers!

Each speaker has a 1″ aluminum dome tweeter with Waveguide and a 4.5″ mid-woofer. Speakers are good for 80 Hz to 30 KHz with a sensitivity of 90 dB and an impedance of 8 ohm. Because of its slim design, the usual speaker binding posts do not apply here. What you get instead are two holes where you slide in the + and – ends of the speaker wires and lock them in by tightening the screw at the entrance of the hole. The manufacturer recommends powering them with 10-100 watts.

Cosmetically, it has some light scuff marks here and there but nothing major. We don’t have the mounting brackets but its light enough to be mounted with two screws and wall anchors. Speaker will be securely packed for safe shipping.