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The highly rated KEF 203/2 speakers, in our opinion is the alternative to the other highly British speaker, the B&W 803D. Both models are equally good but where the KEF differs is its slightly smoother, more centric presentation in the highs and mids. And this is largely due to their latest designed UNI-Q driver. Combined with the speakers other twin 6.5″woofers, the 203/2 produced a seamless, smooth presentation across the frequency range. Bass extension was down to 50Hz with the highs peaking at a very high 60KHz. Nominal impedance is 8 ohms with a sensitivity of 89dB. While the bass on the B&W 803D may be a bit on the dry side, the KEF is more “organic” with a more natural round off at the bottom end. It may not be as tight but it has the same voluminous space that will easily fill the room. Soundstage and depth was impressively wide and deep which add a lot more emotion into the holographic presentation. Speakers are tri-wireable and the previous owner fully utilized this feature. If you want to use a regular set of speaker cables, you would need two jumpers on each speaker. One pair of jumpers if you plan to bi-wire.

Cosmetically, the speakers looks really good. Some scuff marks and tiny nicks here and there and the usual polishing swirl marks common with a gloss black finish but nothing major. Manual, spikes and a pair of jumpers are included. We do not have the original boxes so local pickup is preferred. If shipping is required, it will ship via freight.