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The RDM Two was touted as an “advanced” design by KEF back in the day. With its highly rated Uni-Q driver featured in the speaker, the RDM Two can do a remarkable job in putting together a very luscious soundstage. It does need to be mounted over very sturdy stands and some careful positioning of the speakers to bring out the best from these speakers though. Also, as much as possible, keep the area around it free from furniture or obstructing objects that might impede the very focused transmission of the sound waves. Frequency response is from 80Hz to 18KHz and nominal impedance is 6 ohm. Sensitivity is 90dB with a recommended power rating of 30W to 175W.

We found vocals through the KEF particularly tantalizing. Imaging was beautiful and voices were smooth and warm. More punchy soundtracks was a bit of a mixed bag with some tracks sounding a bit too complex for it while others were accurately portrayed. Tube amps (Especially higher powered ones) and Class A solid state amps seem to pair much better over class AB solid state amps. The KEF may not be your “everyday” ready to play out of the box speaker. It is fussy with how it is being grounded and placement and the kind of “power current” it is being fed with. But if you have the gear for it and the right amount of patience, the stars will align together for some truly magical presentation. Built quality is fitting for a speaker that sold for $1,200 and you can tell its sturdy finish with the “knuckle test” on the cabinet.

Cosmetically, the speaker has several scuff marks here and there (mainly on the sides) and a bit of paint peel under one speaker due to some double sided tape the previous owner used to secure the speaker to the stand. Grille cover looks good with one of two very tiny “holes” on the edges. Our low asking price is reflective of this. We don’t have the original box but will securely pack them for safe shipping.