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The R200C center channel speaker is part of the award winning R-Series of speakers. This is the “junior” model with the R600C as the other, bigger center channel speaker in that range. The difference is the R200C has 5.25″ woofers instead of 6.5″ in the R600C and a slightly smaller cabinet. Bass extension is 65Hz isntead of 60Hz. But otherwise, pretty much everything is similar. Both have the same 5″ Uni-Q array driver and the 1″ aluminum dome tweeter. With a TV screen size up to 60″, the R200C did a stellar job in sounding larger than life and was able to match the screen size with great impact and sound. If you have a larger room and screen size, the R600C is a better bet but for most applications, the R200C was equal to the task. Movie soundtracks were delivered fast and furious. Bass had some weight and sounded deeper than the 65Hz on the spec sheet. Dialogue was realistic and accurate. All in all, a top class center channel speaker at a very affordable price tag. Speaker can be bi-amped/bi-wired with a simple turn of the controls in the rear. No jumpers required.

Cosmetically, the speaker looks good. No dings or dents. The gloss black finish does show some light scratches and scuff marks but nothing major. Some black polish should resolve it.¬†We don’t have the original box but will securely pack this for safe arrival.