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If you have enjoyed positively KEF’s speakers that utilizes their UNI-Q speaker array, then you would enjoy this KHT 9000 ACE center speaker (or stereo speakers if you run them as pairs). This is a 3 way closed box speaker that has two 6.5″ woofers and one 6.5″ mid with the 3/4″ aluminum done housed in the center. Frequency response is 75 Hz to 27 KHz with a nominal impedance of 8 ohm and a sensitivity of 88 dB. It does require a bit more power to really sound its best so a minimum of 30W is a good starting point with more being better. The KHT 9000 ACE is a wall mount speaker with stands being an option. We have the mounting brackets for it and the very important manual which will offer instructions on assembling the two piece brackets on the speaker and the wall (wall screws needed). Of course you can always make a simple stand (once you understand how the brackets work) for it if you don’t want it wall mounted. Physical dimensions are approximately 22″ wide, 10″ tall and 5″ deep (not including the brackets).

Sound quality, like any other UNI-Q array based speaker, is its ability to project music with great accuracy. The soundstage was precise and clear with good width and height. Depth was a bit shallower than the more conventional “boxed type” center channel speaker but you get a better assimilation of the frequency spectrum with the KEF. For under $300 now, this is real bargain when you factor in the top quality drivers employed, aluminum cabinet and premium sound.

The speaker is in good condition with minor surface marks here and there from it being mounted and the moving of the brackets to secure it but nothing major. We have the original box and a copy of the manual and will securely pack this for safe arrival.