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Back in the Eighties when a hifi system was all about keeping it simple like just having a CD player or turntable and an integrated amp driving a pair of speakers, the C30 was pretty much the speaker of choice in such a system. It was larger than most monitor speakers and because of its “XL” size, bass was noticeably more weighted and mid-range was fuller and warmer. Although it could sit on a shelf but putting them on a pair of sturdy stands is where you can squeeze out the best result from these speakers.

The details from these speakers are amazing. The tweeters and mid-woofers were very effective in producing a clear and sharp image with nice depth, width and balance. They don’t go down very deep so for the deep bass lovers, you might want to pass this over. But if you listen to a lot of jazz and vocals, you will love these speakers. If your eyes had not set on these speakers, you would not be wrong to think you were listening to larger and more expensive pair speakers.

Speakers are in very good condition. One small corner ding on the rear bottom corner of one the speaker is the only main blemish. Back panel of the speakers have small screw holes that are not too visible and definitely not visible from the front. Minor scuff marks here and there but nothing major. Grill cloth is fully intact with no tears and just needs some glue on the side to get it back on to the frame. Speakers will be well packed for safe arrival.