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This is one of two vintage speakers (the other being the Snell Type E/II) from the Eighties we recently got in. Both sold for $1,000 MSRP back in the day and both are equally awesome for its musicality for what they sell for now. The Infinite Slope Model 1 however, is a more “technically advance” speaker of the two. It was engineered as a three way speaker with one 8″ woofer, one 6.5″ mid-woofer and one 1″ dome tweeter that sits on a front baffle that is angled 15 degrees backwards at the top. This gives it a time aligned parity when the signal travels from each of its drivers towards the listener. It spec out very similarly to the Snell with a frequency response of 40 Hz to 20 KHz, a sensitivity of 90dB and a nominal impedance of 8 ohm. You could drive them with an amp that is rated for 20W or 300W (as recommended by the manufacture as the max) but we have them 150W and they were outstanding. The speakers had slightly better definition and instrument/vocal placement as compared to the Snells but that is probably attributed to its three way setup versus the two way in the Snell. The Snell does come on its own when its get played louder but if we had to nit pick, we would go with the JSE and the Snell a very close second. For under $300 now, its a steal compared to what you can get out there in the market now at the same price. The castors on the JSE are the icing on the cake and makes it a no-brainer. But if you a medium size room and have the real estate to place the speakers further away from the rear wall and prefer a more brawny sound, the Snell is a wonderful choice too.

Overall condition of the speakers are good for its vintage with some minor scuff marks/nicks here and there. One of the tweeter on the speaker has a few dimples but works perfectly. Local pickup from our store preferred but if shipping is required, they will be shipped as two boxes.