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The JD9 is one of the more highly sought after phono stages. It had a brilliantly simple design that was not only very good for its lowly $600 MSRP but can be upgraded to a level that would rival other phono preamps in the $3,000 category. This particular unit is the most upgraded piece that we have gotten our hands on. You occasionally find the ones which had an Auricap upgrade or copper wires swap to silver ones but nothing to this level. If you see our other pic of a stock JD9, you can see the vast upgrade done to this unit. This unit not only has Auricaps installed but also three Jantzen Silver Z-caps and two Mundorf Aluminum Oil Film Capacitors. The goal that the previous owner had set out to do was to bring vinyl production through the JD9 as live like as possible.  And we definitely experienced these with all these premium caps installed in it. Impedance matching is done via several switches on the rear panel. So check through your cartridge manual to find its values and match the JD9 to it. Two 12AX7 tubes are used inside. Tube rolling would be a delightful activity with it as there are many brands of 12AX7 tubes that you could experiment with and they are very affordable.

Cosmetically, the unit is in nice shape. Some light scuff marks/scratches on the top cover but faceplate is nice and clean. We don’t have the original box but will securely pack this for safe shipping.