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These are surprisingly inexpensive speakers for the sound quality it brings to the table and their fit and finish. The MicroOne is Evolution Acoustics smallest pair of speakers but was designed to sound bigger than what it is. With a frequency range of 30 Hz to 35 KHz, it definitely has the ability to belt out a tremendous soundstage presence. Each speaker has one 2″ Pleated Diaphragm Air Velocity tweeter and two 4″ Ceramic Matrix Mid Bass. Nominal impedance is 6 ohm with a sensitivity of 87 dB. It does love loads of power and we duly comply with 200W driving them. With some careful placement in our room, the MicroOne does not sounding anything like a “micro” speakers (each speaker is actually 18″ tall, 7″ wide and 12′ deep). The setting up process can be a bit laborious due to the weight of each speaker – 70 lbs with the stands (where the bulk of the weight is in the hefty baseplate) but once you have it placed right, you would can then start appreciating their pinpoint accurate soundstage, impressive speed and a lushful, smooth mid and highs. The bass was fast and punchy with a good amount of weight even though the midbass drivers are only 4″ in diameter. The height of the tweeter from the floor is about 40″ so in a smaller room, you may need to sit a bit higher or if you have a larger room, have your sweet spot sit a bit further back than usual.

Cosmetically, the speakers look great with just minor scuff marks from use and the usual polishing swirl marks on the gloss back areas. They are shipped in three boxes with the speakers in one and the stands broken up in two. Setting up the stands and securing the speakers on top of each stand is a two person job so make sure you have a buddy around to help.