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Although the Altos sit between the Nova and the Diva, it is actually more closer to the Nova than a balance between it and the Diva in terms of sound quality. Compared to the Diva, musical scale was far larger and the Altos had a better balance across the frequency spectrum. The Divas can sound a tad bass heavy and unbalance but the Altos were composed and nicely balanced. Its width and depth may be smaller than the Novas but then you are also saving a lot of money in terms of the price difference which you could put towards a CD player, preamp, power amp or even speaker cables. The Altos is also easier to live with. They can easily blend into any mid-size to smallish large rooms with ease and is quite straightforward in terms of positioning them in the room. As they are extremely easy going speakers, it is not difficult to set them right and start enjoying this very musical pair of speakers. You will be amaze how quick this process can be. Add a 91dB sensitivity and you would never run down a list of amps that will work perfectly with them. These were previously used with Pass Labs amps and they paired beautifully.

If you have the room and the budget for a pair of Novas, than go for them. But, if you have a room that is going to be too small for the Novas and have a budget of under $10,000, than the Altos should be in your crosshairs. The Altos are one of the most highly raved about speakers from around the world. Lots of positive reviews everywhere.

Cosmetically, the speakers look good. Even the original plastic wrap on the rear of the speaker is still intact. Some light minor tan patches¬†on the side of one speaker, minor scuff marks here and there and a small “dimple” on one tweeter that has no impact on performance. Speakers had one previous owner since new. We have the original boxes and will be shipped strap on a pallet. Local pickup from our store welcomed.