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The Fathom f113 from JL Audio is the biggest single driver subwoofer you can get before the range crosses over to the monstrous f212 and g213 (220lb and 360lb monsters respectively). If you think that the f113 at 130lb is a pushover, than you are gravely mistaken. The f113,like the rest of the range are benchmark subwoofers that everyone should always compare against if you are shopping for one. Frequency range is a bone shaking 20Hz to 86Hz with an on board amp than will peak at 2,500W when demanded. Its all black, almost 20″ square cube is an ominous presence in any sound room – music or movies. We tend to favor it in a home theater setting where it delivers the stupendous effect to the movie soundtrack. When watching Star Trek’s Into Darkness movie, the f113 made us feel like we were really in the Enterprise ship and feeling its eminent destruction. That is a truly amazing experience that very few subs out there can deliver. No wonder Absolute Sound consider it the benchmak of subwoofers.

Cosmetically, the subwoofer is in good condition. Some scuff marks here and there and a few tiny spots of wear on the grille cover. They are not really noticeable unless up close. This was the last piece from a dealer’s showroom that was used in their reference home theater room. We have the original “crate” box and will ship freight. Store pickup welcome.