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The Synergy series from Jeff Rowland is easily, one of the cleanest, most neutral sounding preamp you can buy for under $8,000. Other than itself being one of the most beautiful preamp ever designed…. This particular unit had the previous owner so piqued that he sent it back to Jeff Rowland and had it upgraded to the MKII (originally bought as a Synergy). This was confirmed by Jeff Rowland and you can tell it by looking at the back panel¬†(the most obvious way)¬†– the MKII has dual set of outputs and record outs versus a single set on the original Synergy. Circuit board remains mostly the same with minor differences and the MKII has output transformers which the original Synergy doesn’t.

Listening to the Synergy MKII is like a breadth of fresh air. The transparency was immediate and the music was conveyed so cleanly that there was almost no hint of coloration. The Synergy MKII does need a top notch CD player, amplifier and speakers to form a World Class musical setup that might just squeeze in at under $10,000. We have a Jeff Rowland Model Five power amp that would pair very nicely with this preamp.

Cosmetically, the preamp looks really good. There are some minor scratches on the chrome finish and minor scuff marks elsewhere but you would need to get up close to see them. We have the original remote and two sets of Cardas XLR/RCA adapters for RCA cable usage if your CD player or amp doesn’t have XLR connectors. Unit will be securely packed for safe shipping.