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The Model 5 is one of Jeff Rowland’s Hall of Famers. Massive, heavy, brutish looking but yet dances around all kinds of music with a beguiling swagger that we just can’t get enough. Rated for 150W in 8 ohms, it pushes out 300W in 4 ohm and tops out at 475W in 2 ohm. With a physical size of… does occupy a fair bit of real estate in your listening room so some careful planning and positioning is required to ensure it is placed most strategically between your preamp and speakers. With a weight of almost 140lbs, getting it wrong and having to move again is not an exercise you want to repeat over and over again.

We have had many different brand of amps come through our store and Jeff Rowland has always consistently been one of our top favorites. It is a very emotional amp. Lots of bass energy but never over bearing. The mids were always smooth, warm and richly textured while the highs were well defined with a nice spatial quality around it.

Overall, the amp is in very good condition. Minor scuff marks here and there from use but nothing major. We have the original crate and due to its weight, will ship via freight only. Manual is available online. Local pickup is welcome.