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This is a product that was executed at a really high standard without the associated big price tag. The CD1000BB (version 3 you see here) is the next best thing after the CD1000A which uses the more premium and more expensive Mundorf Mcap supreme Silver/Gold/Oil 8.2uF/1200DC capacitors. The CD1000BB still uses Mundorf caps but with the aim of offering a more affordable alternative to the CD1000A, it uses Mundorf Mcap Supreme silver/oil capacitors instead. This is the V3 version which saw further improvements in terms of more quality parts used in the analog stage. As a CD player that offers both XLR and RCA outputs and Toslink and coaxial digital outputs and all that premium parts found inside, this is one outstanding bargain of a player. Add some really good sounds emitting out from it and this is a player that can put some big name machines out there to shame. Output levels are also adjustable through the remote control so you can really fine tune the sound in your system or have it hooked up directly to an amp.

We have the original remote and will have this securely packed for safe shipping.