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The S9 turntable you see here is just a thing of beauty. No square boxes or over dramatic tonearms with a bunch of pulleys pulling everything together. Just an aluminum platter sitting on a mass loaded circular plinth with a solid steel spindle sticking out center. Placed on top of the platter is a graphite record mat and a hefty record clamp that keeps your records secured onto the platter. The extended armboard is locked onto the plinth and its unipivot arm surreptitiously sits on its tapered end. The tonearm is a gorgeously light piece that almost resembles a drinking straw with the tonearm cables running through its hollow center and out onto the RCA jacks. The motor is housed in a separate box with a three position toggle switch – 45 rpm, off and 33 rpm. Collectively, the S9 may look like a simple design but mount a good cartridge on it and the S9 is just a musical marvel. Interestingly, to mount a cartridge, you just need to loosen the two discs sitting on the front end of the arm and after securing the cartridge on “it”, you slide the “discs” back on to the tonearm’s “pipe” and then tighten the two screws on it. This will lock in the cartridge/”headshell” on to the arm and then you can hook up the tonearm cables to the rear of the cartridge.

If you have ever come across a turntable that you can’t help but keep playing records through it, then you need to add the S9 to that list. We tried it budget priced MM and some mid-price MC cartridges and the analog sound is just beguiling. It may not take “heavy” cartridges like Benz Micro’s LP-S unless you get a heavier counterweight so shop around for 10g or lighter (AT cartridge you see in the pics and record not included) cartridges.

Cosmetically, the turntable looks great. Just minor scuff marks from use and a few paint scrapes on the arm board (which is not noticeable once the platter is mounted). Turntable will be securely packed for safe shipping.