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This is a pair of monitor speakers that many users have considered to be one of the best there is for under $4,000. Although each speaker is mid-size (15″ tall, 10″ wide and 12″ deep), they have a pretty decent 26lbs weight behind it. A little knuckle test on the cabinets and you get your answer as to why. Drivers are SEAS 25mm dome tweeter and 6.5″ SEAS Excel woofers which allows the speaker to sing between 38Hz and 22KHz with a nominal impedance of 4 ohm and a sensitivity of 90dB. Manufacturer does recommend a higher power amp if possible to drive these as they need good solid power to really sound their best. A heavy duty speaker stand is mandatory too and with some careful positioning in the room, the speakers will open up the music into the room. Bass was substantial and tight and the mids were richly textured with highs clearly defined. Being that they prefer to be placed out and away from nearby walls, try to factor in at least 3′ from the back and the corresponding side wall to really blend the speaker into backdrop of the music.

Cosmetically, the speakers look really good. A tiny puncture on the grille cover on one of the speakers (barely noticeable unless you look really close) and minor scuff marks/nicks around the cabinets on an otherwise very attractive looking speakers. Due to their weight and size, they will be securely packed for safe shipping.