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There is always something special about Jadis preamps and power amps. Maybe it is the gold finish or the classy construction or just the smooth rich sound it produces. The JP-80MC is a two chassis preamp with a separate, fairly substantial power supply unit.┬áThe control unit is a simple elegant design with a toggle switch for MC or MM cartridges and an input selector and dual left/right volume control. We tried pairing it with Sonic Frontiers SFM-160 tube monoblocks and Pass Labs Aleph 2 solid state monoblocks and both pairings produce a wonderful result. With the SFM-160, imaging was full bodied and holographic. Through the Aleph 2, bass sounded tighter and more controlled but less rich in the upper mids. The Jadis did well with vocals, jazz and classical music and depending on individual preference on rock and complex electronic music, can be well received by some or classified as too “lazy” sounding by others. But overall, this is a truly revealing preamp. It can rival many other preamps in the over $10,000 bracket like the Audio Research Reference 5 and VAC Signature MKII preamp. This is later version with the blue caps.

Cosmetically, the preamp looks good. The usual discoloration on the gold plating but nothing major. We don’t have the original box but will securely pack them in two boxes for safe shipping.