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The JA200s are one of the most magnificent looking and more importantly, sounding tube amplifiers that you can buy. Sure they take up a lot of real estate in your audio room but once in placed and the tubes are all fired up, there is really no taking your eyes and ears off the JA200s. Paired with the JP-80MC (also for sale in our other listing and were both previously paired together in a super high end system), the six chassis pre/power combo is truly a sight to behold and its musicality can literally move you to tears. Musical presence was grandiose with a richly textured layout. The 160W Class A per channel had absolute control over the music streaming through it and encapsulates it with a kind of finesse that could only come from top end tube amps. Each amp is currently fitted with ten Tung Sol 6550 tubes.

Cosmetically, the amp looks good. The usual discoloration on the gold plating but nothing major. Polishing should bring back some of its original shine. Some areas of the chrome has a bit of oxidation but that’s about it. One of the umbilical cord that connects the main power supply to the power tube unit is longer (custom ordered in that length) because the previous owner had the tube chassis placed next to the speakers while the power supply was placed next to the rack. So one of the cord is longer than the other because of how the system was laid out. We don’t have the original boxes but will securely pack them in four boxes and ship them as freight for safe shipping.