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The I-50 is a very special tube integrated amp from Jadis. It was a highly anticipated tube integrated from Jadis where the industry was waiting with bated breath for its launch. Like the bigger I-88 tube integrated, it uses the same KT-150 tube for amplification. With half the number of KT-150 tubes used in the I-88, the I-50 is a 50W pure Class A amp versus 90W in the I-88. It is also $6,000 cheaper at MSRP so if you have a tighter budget, the I-50 is a worthy alternative to the I-88, especially if you have highly efficient speakers. The 50W from the KT-150 tubes have a very rich sounding mid-range. Bass was plentiful and the resolution was powerful with a clean projected sound. If you asked us, the 50W from the KT-150 is much better sounding than the 50W from an EL34. Other tube complements are 2x ECC83 and 3x ECC82. And to show that its integrated amp is keeping up with the current trend in hifi, the I-50 has a USB input on the back where you can connect your PC directly to it and enjoy the lush tube sound when you stream music from your PC through it. Jadis also designed this integrated with remote controllability where each time you hit the remote,a blue beam of light is emitted from this display “crystal” tower that sits in front of the heat sink.

Cosmetically, the integrated looks really good. One owner from new and had about 60 hours of use on the KT-150s. We have the original manual, tube cage, remote control and original box for it.