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Jadis preamps have never failed to deliver the soulful, rich warm sound of tubes. Pick any of their lineup and you will be in for a treat. The DP-L you see here has a simple circuit layout internally and uses two 12AU7 and one 12AX7 tube. Three knobs on the front controls the volume, balance and input selection. All very simple and just straight to the point on music. There are five line inputs on the rear, one tape loop and two pairs of outputs (which is great if you want to biamp). There is no phono stage so you would need an external phono preamp and connect it to one of its AUX input. The chrome finish and the gold accents are their statement “image” and of course the usual oxidation (common on almost every Jadis component) of the gold faceplate. Its not that bad but its there.

This Jadis DP-L preamp should be on your shortlist if you are shopping around for a sub-$2,000 tube preamp. It may not have the convenience of remote control but you don’t buy the DP-L for remote convenience or state of the art of technology. Its all about music and the Jadis DP-L is one of the best when it comes to it. We don’t have the original box but have the original manual and will securely pack it for safe shipping. Cosmetically, it is in good shape. The usual oxidation issue on the gold faceplate and knobs and minor scuff marks on the chrome finish are the only blemishes.