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$295 Original Price: $4000
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The legendary Integra┬áRDC-7.1 AV processor/preamp (we sold earlier) would not have existed had it not been due to the success of this RDC-7. On its day, $4,000 was a lot of money to pay for an AV processor preamp but that was also when home theater was big deal back then. Back then, building a home theater system was all about big screen projectors (No LCD TVs like today) and sets of multi-channel amps driving a multitude of speakers. ┬áThe RDC-7 was a top dog in the AV processor/preamp in its heyday. If you don’t need to run a HDMI cable through it (you can still run the HDMI to your TV for video and a digital cable into the Integra for sound), the RDC-7 is one hell of a AV processor preamp. The keyword here is precision and the RDC-7 is full of it. Action sequences were delivered sharp and crispy. Even in two channel mode, the RDC-7 will rival any stereo preamp that costs three or four times its paltry $295 asking price now. Its packed with features and have loads of optional inputs and outputs on the rear.

Cosmetically, the unit looks good. Some scuff marks and light scratches here and there but nothing major. The button to open and close the front tray is missing but works/operates fine with a pen, pencil or anything slim that you could access the opening to hit the button within. We don’t have the original remote but will include an Onkyo remote that will control most functions. Unit will be securely pack for safe shipping.