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Unmistakably Infinity, the RS-II is another model that highlighted the design prowess of Infinity back in the day when they ruled the speaker industry. The RS-II is a seven driver, 3-way, full range speaker that can literally bring a whole “live” stage into your room. Each speaker has two EMIT tweeter (one rear firing in their open baffle design for its tweeter and mid-range), three 5″ Dipole midrange drivers and two 10″ bass woofers. Frequency response is from 36 Hz to 32 KHz and a nominal impedance of 4 ohm and a sensitivity of 86dB. These speakers love current and the more you can feed them with, the better they sound. We fed them with 200W per channel and they nearly brought “the house” down. Manufacturer recommends 35W minimum to 250W. They sounded powerful, had tight bass responses, a beautifully layered midrange and clean, detailed highs. Speaker placement is crucial because you want them at least 3 feet off the rear and side walls, slightly toed in, to swim in that large soundstage it is capable of producing. The RS-II is where you get to enjoy a slice of the IRS (their $20,000 full blown speaker system) for much, much lesser money.

Cosmetically, it is in good condition for its age. Couple of minor scuff marks/nicks and abrasions on the base area but nothing major. One of the rear feet looks like it has been patched up but works fine and the speaker binding posts on one of the speaker was replaced . We don’t have the original packing materials so they are for store pickup or if shipping is required, strapped on a pallet and ship as freight. Each speaker is about 90 lbs. Drivers have been professionally re-foamed. Please contact us for a freight quote.