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The thing with Infinity is they make so many speakers and at such wide ranges (from the cheap to the expensive) that models like this RS625 get lost in the mix. Which is why this “severely” underrated speaker rarely pops up on anyone’s radar when they are out searching for a pair of bargain price killer speakers. Many owners of the RS625 chance upon them literally by word of mouth which we want to do here too. By no means are the RS625 reference standard speakers (they retail for less than $800 when new so we should all taper down the reference expectations…) but when measured on the soundstage scale, dynamic punch and value for money, they are a winner. Standing 38″ tall, 12″ wide and 14″ deep with four drivers – one 1″ Polycell tweeter, one 8″ IMG woofer and two 8″ IMG Bass radiators, the RS625 comes to any sound room ready to rock. And rock it does. The speakers will extend all the way down to 40Hz and goes all the way up to 25KHz. With a nominal impedance of 6 ohm and a sensitivity of 92dB, it needs just 25W to get it to sing but pack on the power and the RS625 develops a tighter and deeper bottom end. The searing clarity of the highs and mids shares a touch of their more expensive models up the RS food chain but at a more down to earth price point.

Room positioning is a “must do” exercise to best exploit the full potential of these speakers as they do interact with the room setting. When properly placed, they delivered a wide and deep soundstage with a musical response that really kicks any competition out there in the sub $300 range of speakers. Cosmetically, speakers look age appropriate. Some scuff marks/knicks here and there and light scratches on the sides but nothing major. We do not have the original packaging so we would prefer local pickup from our store or we can build boxes around them and have them ship separately in two boxes.