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The first time I heard a pair of this RS-5B was out from a garage (converted) music room in the Eighties (wonderful memories…). It was nicely done up with the requisite carpeting of the floors, damped walls etc. But what was “unconventional” was how good the Infinity sounded in this “garage sound room”. Perch on top of a self made 12″ oak stands, the RS-5B sounded nothing short of incredible for the money. It was like having the Rolling Stones (that was the record that was playing) live in the garage! The dynamic nature of the speakers just “exploded” into the room. The bass was deep and tight and punched straight into our listening couch. The mids were smooth and fast while the highs were sharp and detailed. Its 3-way design is made up of one EMIT tweeter, one Polydome mid and one 10″ woofer. Frequency response is 43Hz to 32KHz and with a nominal impedance of 4 ohm and a sensitivity of 89dB, the speakers do not hide the fact they love to go loud and loves lots of power. Which is what these speakers are about. If you want a “live” musical session, these are impossible to beat for its asking price of under $300. Most other sub-$300 monitor speakers pale in comparison to the energy the Infinity possess and scale of music it reproduces. Speaker is 28″ tall, 18″ wide and 14″ deep. There are controls on the back to adjust the intensity of the tweeter and mids to suit your listening taste and room response.

Cosmetically, speakers look age appropriate but good. Some scuff marks here and there but nothing major. Woofers have been refoamed (some glue residue on the edges) so the speakers will perform for many more years to come. Each speaker weighs a fairly hefty 35lbs so they will be shipped as two boxes.