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These are one of the greatest speaker systems of all time. For its original $5,300 MSRP, you get two subwoofer columns, two mid/high frequency panels and a crossover. That is a lot speaker for that little money. In comparison, the almost “similar” Genesis 201 that we just sold had the same setup, albeit bigger, but cost $68,000!

The RS-1B are big devour of power. They soaked up wattage like it has a bottomless pit. So if you are planning to drive them properly, you need at least 150W or more. Four channels are needed to drive them and of course a decent size room to handle all the SPLs it is throwing out. In fact, we were pummeled by the level of “force” these speakers threw at us. The soundstage was huge and deep. Imaging was similarly big and robust with a real live stage sound. At under $3,000 now, there is no other speaker within this price range that could match its energy and vibrancy. Previous owner of these speakers had the bass drivers professionally re-foamed so they will be good for many more years to come.

Cosmetically, speakers look age appropriate. Some scuff marks/knicks here and there but nothing major. One of the grille cover has turned grey due to it being previously placed near a window and had a “tan” (and the top of the subwoofer) from the sun. You could probably dye it over with black dye to get it to black in color.┬áThere are a few missing pegs from the grille covers but stays on fine. Copy of manual, very critical for a proper setup, is included. Local pickup is preferred.