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The Infinity Kappa 8 has not lost its shine even though they are “grandfathers” to more recent speaker offerings. And that’s because they were so well designed plus the use of their legendary Polygraph drivers and EMIT tweeters set them apart form the competition, back then and present (in relative to what they sell for now and their immediate competition in the same price range). The Kappa 8 has four drivers (unique to the Kappa series of speakers) – one 12″ woofer, one 5-inch Polygraph k dome driver, one 3-inch Polydome k polypropylene dome driver and two EMIT K tweeters, one in the front and one in the rear. Frequency range is 33Hz to 44KHz with a nominal impedance of 4 ohm and a sensitivity of 87dB. Recommended amplification needed to drive these current hungry speakers are a minimum of 50W. What is more important however, is that the amp must be able to comfortably dip down to 2 or even 1 ohm because the Kappa 8s are notorious for dipping into these low regions which can be very taxing to an amp that does not cross down to that level.

Although the Kappa 8s are floorstanders, they are not in the conventional sense, a rectangular box. It may be 47.5″ tall and 20.5″ wide but is only 6.5″ deep. Sides are also rounded and the entire speaker is tilted several degrees backward. They are an attractive alternative to the more conventional “box” floorstanding speakers but even more important is how good they sound for the money now. To say they are dynamic is an understatement. These speakers will rock when fed with oodles of power. Big scale soundstage, depth and imaging easily comes to mind when we listened to them. They need at least three feet from the back wall to allow the rear firing tweeter to add more “presence” to the massive soundstage. Listening to the Kappa 8s again is a memorable walk down memory lane when music from Aerosmith, Fleetwod Mac etc used to stream out from these speakers when we last heard them. Truly memorable stuff.

Due to the weight and size of these speakers (90lbs each), they are available for pickup only or if shipping is required, will ship strapped on a pallet via freight. Cosmetically, speakers look age appropriate. Some scuff marks here and there and the grille cover edges will need to be re-glued on the underside.