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These were one of the greatest sounding speakers (in our opinion and that of many…) for under $2,000 when it appeared in the hifi World. Any Kappa Series speakers would typically blow away any speakers that cost twice or even three times as much and the Kappa 7.1 you see here continues to do so with any speakers that cost two or three times its asking price now. For under $600 now, they are a ridiculous bargain when $600 typically buys you a pair of bookshelf speakers and stands (or maybe even no stands!). The Kappa 7.1 are 3-way speakers that utilizes that famous EMIT-R Tweeter and Polydome Midrange driver. Bass driver is a huge 10″ IMG woofer and collectively, will play any music genre with aplomb within its 39 Hz to 35 KHz frequency range. Nominal impedance is 6 ohm and sensitivity is 89 dB. Recommended power to drive them is 30W to 250W and as always, we recommend going for more. Physically, the Kappa 7.1 won’t take up more real estate than a bookshelf on stands. It stands 43.5″ tall, 14.5″ wide (on the front) and 10.25″ deep.

Like we mention before, these are no-brainer speakers for the money. To say they are dynamic is an understatement. These speakers will rock when fed with oodles of power. Big scale soundstage, depth and imaging easily comes to mind when we listened to them. Cosmetically, the speakers look really good. The outer cabinets look like they were given a nice fresh coat of paint. There are some minor scuff marks here and there but nothing major. Local pickup from our store preferred but if they need to be shipped, we can have them securely packed for safe shipping.