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These little “pieces” you see here are tech laden hardware that literally smashes down the competition with what lies inside. As claimed on iFi’s website, the iDSD is “the only DAC in the world (at any price) to play True Native Octa-DSD512/PCM768/Double DXD”. Now how does that translate in simpler layman terms? It best out our resident sub-$1,000 DAC – PS Audio DLIII by a good margin. There was better resolution, details were more finely chiseled and a better airiness around the soundstage. The iDSD is a rechargeable unit which makes it handy when you want to use it with your headphones on the go. If not, you can do what the previous owner did and power it up with the iUSB power supply through its Gemini double USB cable. The Gemini is a double headed USB cable that splits power supply and music signals into two different cables to eradicate cross “contamination” of signals. This setup is more for the user who wants to stream music from his/her computer into their hifi system. You could do that with just the iDSD alone but with the added iUSB power supply, it brings it up a notch in signal purity. Check out its many positive reviews from around the World!

Cosmetically, they are almost mint condition. Barely four months old, these were all purchased new from Music Direct. Some of the supplied accessories have not even been used! We have the original boxes for all three pieces and will be securely boxed up together for safe shipping.