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This is one of the most celebrated DAC in recent years. Just go on their website and read the long list of positive reviews that the unit has earned. It has been compared to many DACs that cost thousands more and in nearly all instances, the Spring either equals them in sound quality or beats them. Add in the almost budget priced MSRP of the Spring and it was clear as day who was the winner. We had this compared to our resident Esoteric D-03 DAC, a dCS Debussy (both of which cost many times more) and our favorite NOS DAC, the Progression Gemini DAC from 47 Labs and quite honestly, the Spring is as good as any of them. It is a tad shy in refinement when compared to the D-03 and Debussy but we had to really strain to hear that difference. It had a similar tonal signature with 47 Lab’s Progression Gemini DAC but enjoyed a more detailed, “sparkier” presentation. They are both very organic sounding with its NOS interpretation of digital bits but if you already have a slightly dark sounding system and want a NOS DAC with a little more shazam, the Spring is a good alternative. Built quality on the Spring is very impressive. Generous use of copper all around and top end parts and electronics (you read up more on their website) used makes it a sub-$3,000 powerhouse that will rival some of the best out there. Big display screen is an added bonus.

Condition of the unit is excellent, a solid 9/10 condition. We have the original box and manual for it.