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This was High Fidelity’s top of the line interconnect cables from their highly raved about CT-1 series. With a bigger and stronger magnetic waveguide, the CT-1 Ultimate offered a purer sound with a smoother transient response. They are amazing if you feel that your top end system may be short change by your current cables and want to “free” up your system. Which was how we felt when it replaced a pair of Cardas cables. Our system immediately opened up and we could hear peripheral details that were missing previously. For some setup though, it may come across too “energize” or “bright” so, some experimentation is in order.

For under $2,000 now, this is a great buy if you are scouting around for a pair of interconnect cables that will add a bit more detail and clarity to the music. Cosmetically, the cables are in very nice shape and will be securely packed for safe shipping.