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There have been a few cable brands that have brought about some paradigm shift in the cable industry and High Fidelity is spearheading their way with their proprietary magnetic conduction technology. The Ultimate Reference you see here sits just below the Ultimate Reference Helix with the same magnetic wave guides (minus the Helix configuration). It is a spectacular cable to look at and an even more spectacular cable when in use. Compared to our other reference AC cord, Purist Audio Design’s 25th Anniversary, the CT-1 Ultimate Reference has a slightly more vibrant appeal. When plugged into our Vitus integrated amp, there was an immediacy in the presentation, a smoother texture and a slight glossy sheen that seems to arch around the music. In fact, we had very similar results when used with CD players and preamps but the best result was always with the component that would be amplifying the audio signal. This is a truly amazing cable and is clearly one of the best reference AC cord out there even with its stratospheric $11,250 price tag.

The cable is in very good condition. Previous owner had it paired with a pair of darTZeel monoblocks before he switched them over to a darTZeel CTH-8550 integrated amp (so he is keeping one). We have the original flight case for it and will double box it for safe shipping.