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The CT-1 Enhanced is where you start your journey going up the CT-series of cables. Just above it is the CT-1 Ultimate which in 2m guise, would have cost $5,800 and in their top trim, the Ultimate Reference Helix, would have cost $13,800. These are not pocket change cables and represents some of the best you can get in the hifi industry. The CT-1 Enhanced may have cost $2,300 lesser than the Ultimate but it is in no way less superior or sounded 50% of its performance. In fact, its a pretty close sounding sibling and if your budget does not extend to the Ultimate, the Enhanced is the next best buy for the money. It does not have the Waveguide that you would see on the Ultimate but it still shares the “free, open” flowing sound, finely combed details and purity that we get from the Ultimate. It may be a shade softer, but all the elements are still there. And because it has an “open” nature, some experimentation with your component is suggested to find which best suits it.

For under $1,200 now, this is a great buy if you are scouting around for a pair of interconnect cables that will add a bit more detail and clarity to the music. Cosmetically, the cables are in very nice shape and will be securely packed for safe shipping.