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The Magnetic Digital S/PDIF Adapters is a very interesting product that allows you to try High Fidelity Cables’s magnetic technology and how it “influences” your cable. If you already have a digital cable you are using and don’t want to replace it, than these adapters are the answer for you. You just plug one adapter in the digital out on your CD player/transport and the other in your DAC. They are directional so the one that goes into the CD player/transport should have the arrow pointing out and pointing in for the one that is plugged into the DAC. And between the two plugs is where you put your digital cable. This is a much cheaper option considering the starter digital cable from High Fidelity Cables starts off at $499 for a 1m. We tried them with a Tara Labs digital cable and was able to hear a smoother, relaxed presentation of the music. With some of our more expensive and higher end digital cables, the change was more subtle. But for the price now, its an affordable upgrade (also dependent on the type of DAC and transport you are using) to digital cables costing under $1,000. Do take note that there is a decent energized magnetic field around the tip of the adapters so if you things that are sensitive to magnetic fields, keep them away from the adapters.

Cosmetically, the adapters are in very nice shape and will be securely packed for safe shipping.