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This is the digital cable from High Fidelity. It is the middle of the range model and for most audiophiles, probably the best bang for the buck digital cable in a sub-$10,000 digital front end. Applying their patented Magnetic Conduction Technology and the use of some exotic materials, this is where science makes a positive impact on the transfer of digital signal. Using the CT-1 Ultimate in our system, there was a bit more detail and imaging was slightly sharper. The improvement is simply addictive. There is an excellent write up on the technology used on High Fidelity’s website and the patents that was filed towards the design and manufacture of this cable. Even the “Pin-Lock” RCA connectors are patented!

Truly remarkable cable that is rarely found in the used market. Cable has minor scuff marks from use but nothing major. It will be securely packed for safe shipping.