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This is HiFi-Tuning’s latest and much improved AC harmonizer (earlier model was the AC Harmonizer Silver Edition). With pretty much the same purpose as its earlier model, the Quantum 3 model you see here is a more “absorbent” audio sponge which is used to “soak” up all the electrical interferences stemming from your electrical network. It operates in the same manner where you plug it into the wall outlet or power conditioner where the rest of components are also plugged in. It operates in a passive mode where there is no switch to turn it on. You just pair it with a very good AC cable and plug the unit into the outlet.

Compared to the Acoustic Revive RPC-1 unit that we have been selling, the Quantum 3 is the slightly better unit with a more substantial built and finish. It was able to lower the noise floor somewhat better and paint a darker background whereby it allowed more finer details of the music to flow through. We had better result when it was plugged into the adjoining wall outlet (in a two outlet wall unit) than going into a power conditioner. But you should experiment in your system since every electrical grid has different demands and every household and system has different draw from their respective grid. Unit can be used anywhere in the World. It is rated for use from 0 to 250V at 50/60Hz.

These are very rare units and are almost impossible to find in the used market. Cosmetically, the unit is in good condition. Some minor scuff marks from use but nothing major. We don’t have the original packaging and will securely pack it for safe shipping. It does not come with an AC cord because the manufacturer offers a variety of optional AC cords to best suit the end user’s need and budget. They do however recommend silver conductor based AC cords.