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The Hephaestus HMA-1000 monoblock amps was a surprising find for us. We had read about its glorious reviews before but never had a chance to try them out in our store and when we finally got a chance to get one pair, we were floored by it. We have tried Bel Canto, Nuforce and Flying Mole before and the closest one that can rival it is probably the Bel Canto Ref1000M monoblocks. The Bel Canto may have a slightly warmer mid-range but the HMA-1000 has a sharper edge in terms of clarity and detail. Bass was slightly tighter on the HMA-1000 and a tad faster. The initial 5 minutes of listening may sound bright and sharp but after 10 mins of warm up, the amps started to balance itself up and the mid-range became fuller and more robust. But the thing that grips you is the amount of detail you are getting from these amps. The tiniest of “pin” sound is accurately picked up on these amps. At 1000W per channel, these amps sound effortless in your typical listening volume and it is conveyed by the easy flow of music through your speakers.

These are astounding amps. A bit eccentric and out of the ordinary if you are used to buttons and lights on your amps because these amps doesn’t have any. They were apparently designed to be powered on 24/7 with very little power consumption. At $1.50 per watt, these will be the most amazing $1.50/watt you will find anywhere.